Happy Birthday. Happy Birthday. Your friends are all singing. May the new year that is coming,bring gladness to you. May it teach you - to be helpful, kind hearted, and Loving. Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday - Happy Birthday to you!

November Birthdays:
5th Rob Parks
7th Kristi Horeis
8th Luke Thaller
8th Becky Schenaman
12th Bob Cypher
12th Elizabeth Bixby
13th Shari Cypher
24th Steve Swinscoe
26th Debbie Wyrrick
28th Susan Corey
28th Madisyn Edmunds
28th Ava Funcke

November Anniversaries:
6th Hank and Sarah Loos

October Birthdays:
4th Jaxon Brock
4th Donna Crosby
4th Eddie Burback
6th Tom Corey
6th Paul Loos
6th Dave Loos
9th Sharon Brehm
10th Dave Worster
12th Tammy Loos
17th Terri Jensen
20th Delores Schwartz
21st Sharon Pike
23rd Stephen Loos
29th Betsy Will
1st Jennifer and Matt Will
13th Shari and Bob Cypher
23rd Alan and Mary Pat Loos