Immanuel Church - temporary closed due to COVID

November 18, 2020
Letter of explanation of why Immanuel Elders are temporarily suspending public services. 
Dear Immanuel Saints,
In the last two days I've read 1 & 2 Timothy and Titus a number of times, plus portions of Galatians and 1 Corinthians and other New Testament passages, generally dealing with the Apostle Paul. Here are some principles that come from these passages:
  • The stronger believer is to serve the weaker or more vulnerable believer
  • Personal rights are forfeited in our calling to serve others
  • Brothers and Sisters in Christ are to serve the vulnerable
  • Our personal freedom must be in submission to the will of God
Our church's constitution cautions the Elders to care for the church as a shepherd would care for his sheep - but we must be careful to not use this power unscripturally. The pastor is to tend the flock and care for its well being. He preserves them, strengthens them and encourages them. These passages are generally interpreted as spiritual but in times of crisis I believe their meaning also covers protecting the flock from harm.
The desire to come to church is wonderful. What pastor would want to squelch that desire? However we lead the flock and we must act on what benefits and protects the flock. Individual desires and freedoms must yield to what is good for the flock or body.
Therefore, after studying the numbers of how vulnerable our city has become due to the existing COVID virus, hearing the alarm of our two hospitals, seeing the ease of how two of our Immanuel saints became infected, and looking at the health status of each of our members/attenders, a high majority of the Immanuel saints are candidates for the virus, the Elders voted to temporarily suspend public worship. 
However, the Lord is the One who protects us, He is our refuge and strength and apart from Him, we are nothing. Hearing those eternal truths gives us confidence but He also protects the saints by leaders who make wise decisions in trying times.
The Elders decision to temporarily suspend public services through Dec. 6 2020 is made to protect the collective well being of our saints. May each of us fulfill John 15:7; praying for one another, our church and our country.
Never Follow - Always Serve!!
Pastor Pete 


Nov 14, 2020
Dear Immanuel Saints,
We have had the joy of gathering together as a congregation since the middle of June. Seeing your faces, hearing your laughter, singing, praying, and worshipping the Triune God has been a blessing. Thank you for choosing Immanuel Church.
Yesterday, Friday, Nov. 13, both the Governor and Lincoln's Mayor reminded us how COVID sick our state and city have become. The Mayor and Lincoln's Director of Health strongly urged area churches to meet virtually for the next 3 to 4 weeks. Reports from Lincoln hospitals indicate that we have a serious demand for health care due to the spread of the COVID virus.
Therefore, the Immanuel Elder's have, effective Sunday, Nov. 15, 2020, cancelled all public services for the next 4 weeks. The Immanuel worship service will be placed on our website for you to worship each week. We hope to begin public worship on Sunday, Dec. 13, however that is contingent upon the level of the virus threat in the Lincoln area. The Elder's will monitor the threat and make the decision of when to reopen for public worship.
Please continue to avoid crowds, close contact with others, especially in confined spaces. Wearing a mask shows you care for those whom you meet. 
Please pray for each of the saints. Nancy, Christy and Joyce will help us stay informed. Please call a couple of your Immanuel friends to make certain they are informed. 
If you have a concern or a prayer request please call me at 402-440-6775 and leave a message or email me at  May God help us to shine His light during this trying time to those who need to know the True Light.
Blessings with Love.
Never Follow - Always Serve!!
Pastor Pete