Fun File

Some things to think about: 😊 Thanks Joyce!

Would you be willing to be part of an experiment involving getting in a dryer and coming out wrinkle-free and three sizes smaller?
If we can put a person on the moon why can't we find a cure for the common cold?
Does expecting the unexpected make the unexpected expected?
Why is there Braille on the number pads on the drive-thru bank machines?
Why is it that milk does not go bad inside a cow, but does if left at room temperature?
Good News ~
God works in mysterious ways!  A high-schooler in Buffalo, NY recently spent 10 hours cleaning up the big mess left by looters earlier in the  evening.  Unexpectedly, he was rewarded with a 2004 red convertible Mustang, auto insurance for a year and a 4-year college scholarship: all donated by local residents.  The car had extra special significance because his mother, who had died in 2018, drove the same make and model of car.  The donor had been offered mega-bucks for the car but could not part with it until he read the story about Antonio.  Little did he know the rest of the story. In addition, the student was hoping to attend trade school and work until he could afford college, but that problem has now been solved, too.  Antonio Gwynn is active in his church and volunteers in his community regularly.Size 75 shoes!  A Romainian cobbler has designed a pair of shoes that may solve the social distancing problem!  The shoes measure 2.5 feet in length and come in a variety of colors.  They can be ordered online and are shipped in two days at a cost of $115 a pair!